Essential Oils — Highly useful for skin and remedies. The same is extracted from steam distillation of plant parts.These are concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile aroma compounds from plants. Sometimes we say them volatile oils, ethereal oils or aetherolea or simple oils from plant. Sigatia International India is a leading manufacturer, exporter and wholesale supplier of natural and synthetic essential oils. There are certain terms of every business, here if we say oils, then it should be considered as Essential oils and if we say Absolutes, it should be considered as Solvent Extracted oils.

Our Essential Oils are :

Natural Essential Oils

Natural essential oil to maintain radiant, healthy skin: We are blessed by nature innumerable times over. Here with a large selection of pure and natural essential oils are Allin Exporters. These oils are quite advantageous for preserving your skin’s radiance. The organic plants are used to extract each of these natural essential oils. Consequently, Allin Exporters’ products all have a hint of nature to them.


Celery Seed Essential Oil


Rose Geranium South African Essential Oil


Amyris Essential Oils


Bergamot Organic Essential Oil


Black Pepper Essential Oils


Jasmine Essential Oil


Rose Otto Essential Oil

Carrier Oils

Sweet Cherry Kernel Carrier Oil

Sweet Cherry Kernel Carrier Oil


Coconut Organic Carrier Oil (Refined)


Carrot Carrier Oil (Macerated)


Avocado Carrier Oil - Cosmetic Grade - Refined


Camellia Seed Carrier Oil

Pomegranate Organic Carrier Oil

Pomegranate Organic Carrier Oil

Areas Of Essential Oil Application

Our natural essential oils are highly demand in the food and beverage industry.

We supply therapeutic grade essential oils for various medicinal purposes.

Extensively used in spas treatment and known for relaxing and rejuvenating effects on the body.

Record Delivery of 100% pure essential oils for beauty products at wholesale price.

We're popular for manufacturing and supplying essential oils for therapy usage.

Our maximum essential oil production is consumed in making perfumes and other derivatives.

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