Welcome to Sigatia International, where we celebrate the nutritional goodness of maize, a versatile grain that has been an essential in global cuisines for generations. 

Our maize productws are derived from the highest quality crops that have been eticulously grown. Our maize options include whole corn ernels, maize flour, cornmeal, and a range of maize-based treats, all of which are harvested at their freshest. Each product demonstrates our dedication to bringing the natural sweetness of maize to your table.



At Sigatia International, we offer you the simplicity and deliciousness of maize for an authentic culinary experience.

Specification of Maize

Commodity Name Maize
 Purity 99%
Moisture 13.5%  Max
Color Yellow
Broken 2% Max
Foreign Matter 1% Max
Packaging 25/30/35 kg PP Bag or as  per customer requirement

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